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Agricultural Gardens

1000 Trees Project 

Let a 1000 Trees Bloom to support 
sustainable communities in harmony with nature


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We support The 1000 Trees Project. A project of Swayyam, an Indian charity whose mission aligns with our own goal of promoting climate resilience through sustainable agriculture, creating robust communities, increasing biodiversity and protecting the environment. 

Established in 2016 in response to a severe drought, this project fosters a regenerative design strategy using permaculture and agroecology. Pushing a shift from intensive, risky, monoculture crop systems, towards more sustainable and healthy polyculture crop systems.

By supporting small groups of marginalised farmers, the 1000 Trees Project helps these farmers acquire fencing to prevent over grazing of animals and protect tree saplings. Provide access to local, drought tolerant trees, as well as native seeds. It also provides education and training to farmers. Create a strong sense of community and collectiveness, through shared land management, shared resources, cooperative action and local exchange of surplus crop and production.

The first collective ‘Vasudha’ includes 4 farmer families across 10 acres of land. The second collective ‘Suvarna’ includes 12 families across 50 acres of land. The trees being planted produce fruit, timber, medicine, fodder, and fuelwood. All which as well as combat environmental damage and increase climate change resilience, also create attractive economic opportunities for people.

The 1000 Trees Project is not just about planting trees. Its part of the wider mission to create a better living environment for nature and for people.

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