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Agricultural Gardens


Give a man a fish, he feeds for a day

Teach him to fish, he feeds for life...


Communities already devastated by climate change across the Commonwealth need your support.

Get involved, support the projects we select and help create

  • Sustainable Communities 

  • Protect The Environment 

  • Enhance Biodiversity 




When the Goals of COP26 fall short.

And Governments across the world cannot do it on their own. 

OneNature-CommonWealth offers solutions-

Solutions to help the vulnerable in the Commonwealth, to restore biodiversity, and regenerate the soil - 

Through funding our partner projects- Selected on impeccable track record and regular monitoring. 


Small or big your contributions

make a huge difference for future generations and planet Earth.

£15 to plant a tree AND

nurture it for three years.

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Host Event

A gift from your community to their communities!

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Your community actions help us create thriving, sustainable communities across the Commonwealth.

Communities across much of the Commonwealth are predicted to bear the maximum brunt from climate change and need your support to become self-reliant.

Why not raise funds by running, racing or holding a coffee morning or suggesting any other activity of your choice.


The projects we support are based on the principles drawn from Permaculture, Agroforestry, Intercropping and Polycultures, all of which are proven to reduce pollution, increase biodiversity, protect the environment and potentially sequester carbon in the soil.

Sponsor and support our partner projects to step up to the challenge of meeting your climate change commitments. 

Want to know more. We will be happy to present our concepts to you.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship.

Environmental stewardship!

£1500 to regenerate And nurture one acre for three years in India.

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