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The philosophy behind the name.

Nature, in its broadest sense, is ONE interconnected latticework of flora, fauna, weather patterns, climate conditions, stars, galaxies and the universe itself. Believe it or not, we are part of that giant organism. Quantum entanglements bind us together at even the sub-atomic level. It’s said, “the flap of a butterfly's wings in the Amazon can cause a tornado in Texas.” It might be a cliché, but is true to a certain extent, as evidenced by the rapid spread of the Corona Virus across the world. OneNature-Commonwealth believes that, because we are all interconnected, nature is a common wealth for all humanity. That is, it is a source of health and well being for all.

OneNature---Nature is one

CommonWealth---common wealth for all humanity.

The effects of climate change will affect the South Asian and Sub-Saharan nations the most. The least contributors to Carbon burden, already the most vulnerable will be victims even more! Many of these nations are members of the Commonwealth of nations. Our charity aims to support projects across the Commonwealth. CommonWealth- wealth for all, also the Commonwealth.

Hence, our name!

OneNature-Nature is One: CommonWealth- common legacy for all humanity. And a play on the words common wealth

CommonWealth, a part of our name as well as,

Commonwealth, the area which we aim to support.

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