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A Journey of chance meeting and serendipity!

Chance meetings and serendipity can sometimes give rise to new ideas and new endeavours.

A chance meeting on a bench by the lock, a challenge to "do something", a fortuitous unplanned visit to a permaculture farm in India and a lot of serendipity stand behind the birth of "OneNature-CommonWealth".

A chance meeting...

Chance meetings are not just chance, sometimes they lead to friendships, challenges are set and accepted, visions are shared and projects dreamed. We met by chance by the singing waters of River Thames tumbling down the Goring Lock on a sunny August evening, two strangers. We chatted about the peaceful energy of water, nature and mankind's wanton disregard for it, the prospect of leaving a dismal legacy for future generations. "Can we not do anything, to change that?" was answered by "We cannot do everything but we can certainly do something"!

This chase after the something led to explorations of the potential of Permaculture as a solution to the challenges posed by Climate change. A challenge that would affect the most vulnerable even further in the decades to come. The small island developing nations, the coastal areas of South Asia and the dry and sandy deserts of sub-Saharan Africa which would be hard hit by the fast advancing effects of climate change. Could we, the more fortunate lend a helping hand to strengthen the most vulnerable?

Serendipity and fortuitous happenings, a visit to an oasis of green and an inspiring chat with the creator of that oasis set the cogs whirring and musings like...

Not everyone can return to India to set up a farm to practice Permaculture, but can something be done to help those who are doing such great work?

Raise money to support the project by setting up a charity!

Several months later we set up "OneNature-CommonWealth.

Want to read the story in greater detail?

Buy a copy of "Waking Up To The Tao" - All proceeds from the sale of this book are earmarked for raising funds for our projects and will help us support the vulnerable in becoming resilient to the speeding juggernaut of climate change.

Why do we call ourselves "OneNature-CommonWealth"? Read in the next blog.

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